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Worth the weight

Published on Friday February 17, 2023
Bobby and Amanda

Sometimes the best way to love someone is to support them as they persevere through challenges. Bobby and Amanda Wethington’s journey to pursue a healthier lifestyle together is one such example of this type of love. 

In 2019, both Bobby and Amanda realized that they wanted to be there for each other and for their kids for the long run, so they decided to take immense strides towards improving their health. The journey first began when Bobby’s primary care provider recommended that he talk with Dr. Joshua Alley about the option of Gastric Bypass Surgery. His health at the time combined with a family history of heart issues propelled him to say yes.

As Amanda watched Bobby begin to take charge of his health, she decided to join him in those efforts and to also receive Gastric Bypass Surgery. Together, Bobby and Amanda began the process which started with a monthly phone call with a Wellness Coach over a period of six months. Following this period, they met with Dr. Alley and his team to learn about what lifestyle changes the surgery would require. Additionally, the couple had conversations with a nutritionist and psychiatrist as a part of the preparation and education prior to the procedure. Bobby explained that “Dr. Alley and his team have been absolutely phenomenal. They've been there every step of the way. Anything that we needed, any questions, nothing was too trivial.”

Bobby’s Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass was performed in June 2020 and Amanda’s was completed four months later in September 2020. Following the surgery and implementation of healthy habits in the months following the surgery, Bobby lost 151 pounds and Amanda lost 107 pounds. Now, two years later the couple is keeping each other accountable by working out, meal prepping and even packing their lunches together.

The couple described how much their ability to be active with their kids and say yes to things has changed since undergoing the procedure and their subsequent lifestyle changes. Someone who prior to the surgery would be out of breath after bending over to tie her shoes, Amanda shared how involved she is able to be with her sons now. “With them in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, we do a lot of hiking. As a matter of fact, I’m going on a five-mile hike on Saturday,” she said. Similarly, Bobby was able to pass the fitness test to become a volunteer firefighter after the surgery. He’s become known as, “the old man that whooped everybody’s butt on the physical test,” because he completed the test two minutes faster than his 18-year-old son!

While their journey towards an active lifestyle did not happen overnight, Bobby and Amanda do not regret the investment that they have made in their long-term health. In the words of Amanda, “It's definitely worth it. I think the only regret we both have is not doing it sooner.”

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