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Nurse wellness initiatives & Code Lavender

Published on Friday January 20, 2023
Code Lavender

In 2019, Code Lavender started as a research project by two separate nursing teams on NICU and CIMU. During a “Code Lavender” the team gathers, debriefs and processes expectations, events and emotions.

Barbara VanAusdal, one of the NICU nurses conducting this research stated her reason for implementing Code Lavender, “It gives our peers the opportunity to speak up in the moment and debrief on the situation. It lets our team members know that we see them, we are there for them, and support them.”

Thrive Code Lavender Carts were designed to be mobile to reach any member of our teams. These carts/bags carry de-stressing tools, books, nutrition, hydration, therapeutic interventions, stress relief programming, take-home resources and fragrant lavender satchels from Evergreen Farms in Appomattox, Virginia.

For more information or to make a donation please contact