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Centra College requires the ATI TEAS Exam during the admissions process for the PN and ADN programs.

TEAS testing requirements

The TEAS test is a required part of the application for Centra College's PN and ADN programs, even if a students has a previous college degree or has attended Centra College previously. TEAS scores must be no more than 12 months old from the application deadline of the term a students is applying to in order to be considered for admission. Students are able to test either in-person or remote via ATI.

Centra College has been using the ATI TEAS Exam since 2021. Because the TEAS test is new to the institution, Centra College does not have specific cut scores for admission yet. ATI TEAS scores are broken down into 5 Academic Preparedness Levels. ATI recommends that applicants achieve a level of at least Proficient to enter a PN or ADN program.

Centra College takes ATI's recommendations into consideration when reviewing applications, however since the College does not have the supporting data to determine a cut score yet, each applicant is considered individually using a holistic review. This means a student's score is looked at as a piece of their overall application and is not necessarily a reason for acceptance or denial.  

If a student does not feel confident in their first attempt at the TEAS, they are welcome to retest. Centra College will take the highest official, overall score a student submits to Centra College taken within 12 months from the application deadline. If a student retests, it is recommend that they take advantage of the free focused remediation tools that are offered to them via their ATI account after their first attempt. ATI recommends a student to study their focused review for 2 weeks before their second attempt at the TEAS. To allow time for studying, and potential retesting, it is recommended that a student tests for the first time 6 weeks before the application deadline.