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Speech and Language Pathology Clinic

A therapist guides a young girl through speech therapy exercises using a playful and modern approach.

Our approach to care

Children learn speech and language through play and functional activities. Treatment sessions incorporate opportunities for these activities along with structured exposure to age-appropriate and functional speech and language concepts.

Treatment plans are typically established for one year. Progress toward goals is monitored monthly. Yearly reassessment of skills is conducted, and results are reviewed with parents. Appointments may be 1x – 2x/week, every other week, or once a month and run for 30-45 minutes.  They are scheduled after the initial evaluation is completed.

Our Speech-language Pathologists diagnose and treat disorders including:

  • Speech sound production
  • Language understanding and expression
  • Literacy
  • Pragmatic/social language within interactions
  • How someone’s voice sounds
  • Fluency of speech
  • Cognitive communication (thinking skills)

A parent or guardian needs to accompany the patient to the clinic and may be invited to participate in the session depending upon the treatment target. Otherwise, seating is available in the clinic waiting room. 

Parents are vital participants in the process of carrying over their child’s progress to everyday interactions. SLP’s will review each session’s goals and outcomes and provide ideas on how to incorporate those ideas into daily interactions and activities.