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Child and Adolescent Psychological Testing

The purpose of Child and Adolescent Psychological testing is to increase your understanding of your child’s strengths and challenge areas.   
Mother and son speak with a behavior health provider.

Our approach

We offer comprehensive psychological evaluations for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Autism. Our clinical team has expertise in learning and behavior and are skilled in the evaluation and treatment of learning and developmental disabilities. Starting with the initial assessment through the entire course of treatment, we work with our patients, their families, and school personnel to conduct and implement the following evaluations and treatments.  

Information regarding your child's diagnosis, if one is necessary, and the severity of symptom presentation will help guide you, your child’s medical providers, and your child’s educator regarding medical and educational planning. 

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Where you can find us

We have a number of conveniently located facilities in your neighborhood. See all Locations

What to expect at an appointment

Based on the referral questions which are documented in their medical record, families will be given two or three appointments. For younger clients, where the primary concern is specific to development, you may only be assigned two appointments (for Developmental assessment, appointments one and two will be condensed to one visit if insurance allows).

First appointment

Our psychologist will complete a clinical interview to identify needs and concerns by answering questions regarding diagnostic criteria and antecedents to their current challenges. They will also provide information to guide your child’s treatment and gain an understanding of the current diagnostic presentation.The first appointment lasts approximately one hour.

Please feel free to bring the following to the first appointemnt

  • Paperwork from your child’s school or from other providers who have information regarding areas of concern or functioning 
  • Any previous formal evaluations (genetic, psychological, speech, OT, educational, or etc) which have been completed at that first appointment 

Our psychologist will work with your insurance company to obtain any pre-authorization permissions for the assessment. You will be notified by Centra Autism and Development staff if your insurance requires additional paperwork before we can complete the assessment. Your child will then be placed on a waiting list for either a Developmental or Psychological Assessment.

Second appointment

Your child will work with our psychologist or a doctorate-level graduate student to complete the assessment in a one-to-one setting. For children with limited language, parents may stay in the room throughout the assessment. Parents will be provided standardized rating scales, which will provide valuable insights into concerns.

The second appointment, which includes the individually administered assessments, can take up to four hours depending on your child’s age and specific individual needs. Parents are encouraged to bring snacks and tasks to do while they wait in the waiting room. Siblings or other young children should not attend any appointments. 

Third appointment

You will meet with our psychologist and/or the team to discuss the overall results of the assessments. At that time, you will be given a written copy of the report with supporting data/testing results. Our psychologist will include recommendations and are excited to have a conversation with you regarding your child’s areas of strength, as well as opportunities to increase your child’s skills and reduce challenge areas.