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Nursing community involvement

Published on Friday January 20, 2023
Nurses in Community

Patient Education, in collaboration with interdisciplinary healthcare teams, and community organizations share Centra's mission to partner with our community to live their best life. Through these health fairs we have an opportunity to address identified health needs in Central Virginia, through programming and events that are sustainable, approachable and bridge health disparities by engaging in health equity.

In this format, we can provide fun and meaningful education to empower our community in their health and wellness goals. For our healthcare teams, this provides meaningful mentorship opportunities and the resilience-building practice of being experts in their area and giving back. 

Our first Health Education Fair was held on November 5, 2022 to kick off Diabetes Awareness Month. The fair was held in a convenient location on the bus line in a beautiful downtown setting, The Lynchburg Community Market. Many of our local organizations provided education, resources, memberships, giveaways and incentives for our community members to achieve their health goals.

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful work, pease reach out to