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Pricing Transparency

Price transparency is provided here to help you make your best informed decisions about your cost of healthcare.
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Our Approach

January 1, 2021, the federal government required hospitals to provide ongoing accessible pricing information online about the items and services they provide in two specific ways:

  1. A list of comparable services or a price estimator tool
  2. A comprehensive, machine - readable file of all "Standard Charges" for items services they provide and the rates negotiated with every insurance company it contracts with and self-pay rates.


Pricing Estimate Tool

The price estimator tool below can help you look at what your patient costs could be for a variety of services. This tool allows you to see what you can expect to pay in varying insured vs. self-pay situations. When using this estimator or viewing any additional lists or files for service, please understand the following.

Pricing Estimate Tool

1. I understand that the following charge information is based on historical data and is an average of charges for the service without complications. This set of charges does not include physician fees. Your physician may find it necessary to perform more, fewer, or different procedures at the time of service, your final bill will include charges for the actual services provided to you. For questions about your financial obligation, we encourage you to contact your insurance company to verify the details of your coverage.

2. I understand that a single line item charge may not represent a complete medical service; in general, multiple charge line items are necessary to represent all components of a service (e.g. procedure(s), supplies, and drugs).

3. I understand to receive a more accurate total cost please provide as much information as possible about the specific service or procedure, along with the Physician or Specialist’s name. If your doctor’s office can provide you with the procedure codes or CPT codes, a more accurate estimate can be provided.

Centra reviews our hospital charges at least annually.

Actual cost to the insurer and/or patient is determined by several factors and are not in the exclusive control of Centra, including, but not limited to:

  • The payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers, which may include commercial health insurance, automobile insurance, workers compensation insurance, or government health insurance coverage, e.g. such as Medicare, Medicaid, or Veterans Administration, etc.
  • The patient’s level of coverage, particular insurance plan (e.g. HMO, PPO, etc.), network participation status of each provider, and the patient’s currently outstanding benefits within the patient’s plan benefit package, including co-pays, co-insurance, remaining deductible, and out-of-pocket (OOP) amount
  • The most appropriate services is determined by the patient’s treating and/or referring physician(s) at the time they receive the services may be substantially different than the anticipated medical need prior to provision of the medical treatment or services
  • Although average cost is available through Centra, the nature of healthcare, including the factors described above, dictates that the appropriate level of care, and thus patient OOP cost of that care, frequently cannot be accurately determined until the care has actually been provided
  • Patients with no insurance coverage are eligible for Centra discount off the posted charges at Centra; however, additional financial assistance may be available to further lower an uninsured patient’s actual OOP expenses. Patients without commercial insurance or not covered by a government health care plan should contact the hospital before a procedure to discuss charges, alternative pricing, and payment terms.