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Caregiver reservation request

Employee Name
Campus for accommodations
Time you will need to sleep
You will need to bring all your own linens and toiletry items. You must be out of the room at the given time so that the room can be cleaned and turned around for the next guest. If you are staying at the Dawson in you must clean up your own room and empty all trash. There will be no visitors allowed during the time that you are staying in the room.

You will be emailed back at the email address you provided with you room assignment.

The Caregiver is responsible for turning in the key card at the front desk when checking out. Caregivers are expected to always remain inside the Inn and should not be lingering in hallways, common areas, or outside of the building. The facility is locked down and can only be accessed with a Centra Badge/Key Card. Key cards can only be prepared by the Dawson Inn Staff, The Dawson Inn manager, the Director of Nutrition Services, The Managing Director of Support Services, or the Director of Security.