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Providing paths to healing

Published on Wednesday March 8, 2023
Wheelchair ramp

Sometimes advancing health looks like building ramps. 

Thanks to donor support, several patients in Amherst, Appomattox and Lynchburg were able to go home from the hospital, get to appointments and experience a better quality of life.  

When Gary* became unable to get out of his home for appointments, a family member would carry him down the steps and to the car. Susan* was not able to go home from the hospital until there was a way for her to get in and out in a wheelchair.  

With your support, the Centra Foundation was able to provide funding so paramedics could build ramps for patients like Gary and Susan in Centra’s Community Paramedic Program. 

“There is an increased need for wheelchair ramps, handrails and grab bars at the homes of patients referred to the program,” said Jimmy Mitchell, manager of Centra Paramedicine Services. “Providing patients with solutions to their home mobility needs helps to ensure that they will be able to get the follow-up care they need. It also decreases hospital readmissions.”

And then the ramps are there for daily activities and in case of emergencies. In one case, the ramp allowed the patient to get outside more frequently, spend time in their yard and get some fresh air.

Several families said the ramp was the greatest blessing they could have received. 

“My son would not be coming home if it were not for the Community Paramedic Program,” said one patient’s mother who shared her gratitude and the impact on her family.  

*Names have been changed to protect identities. 

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