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Press release

Centra Announces Plans for New Mother/Baby Unit Located in Lynchburg General Hospital’s New Care Tower

Published on Monday May 15, 2023

On March 7, 2023, Centra launched its Modernization Plan, a multi-year initiative that will encompass the most significant facility improvements and capital investments in Centra’s 36-year history. Aligning with its long-term Strategic Plan, this 500-million-dollar investment is multi-faceted and will address different community needs based on findings from its 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment.

Today, Centra is excited to share another facet of its Modernization initiative. Centra plans to design a new Labor & Delivery Unit, Mother/Baby Unit and Intensive Care Nursery that will be located within the new five-story care tower at Lynchburg General Hospital (LGH).

“As our community grows, and develops, we want to grow and develop with it”, said CEO and President, Amy Carrier. “This facility will be specifically designed to serve the needs of today’s families and will incorporate best practices in facility design, care models and technology that will enhance Mother/Baby services for years to come.”

The Mother/Baby Services at LGH are expected to open by the fall of 2027 when the new care tower is estimated to be completed.

Virginia Baptist Hospital (VBH) has served the mothers of its community well for many decades. As one of Centra’s flagship locations, VBH will continue to be a vibrant campus and home to many of its services.

Centra believes that VBH serves as a landmark of hope and healing and is looking forward to celebrating the rich history and unique beauty of the campus as part of the VBH 100th year Anniversary in 2024.

As Centra embarks on this momentous journey of modernization and expansion, it remain steadfast in its commitment to the health and well-being of its community. By nurturing a patient-centric environment and leveraging state-of-the-art facilities, Centra aims to empower families while ensuring a bright future for the healthcare landscape of central Virginia.