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Foundation story

Three decades of hope and healing

Published on Monday August 14, 2023

Since 1993, through the generosity of donors, the Centra Foundation has invested more than $100 million in support of Centra programs. Donors have been a part of providing free health screenings and services, support for the tiniest patients, innovative specialty care and facilities, education for Caregivers and patients, and more.


Over the past few decades, Bonnie Overstreet has lost track of the number of times she has relied on Centra to provide excellent and even life-saving care for her family.

She is currently a patient at Centra Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center.  

“I don’t think there’s a better cancer center anywhere,” said Bonnie, a former Marine whose granddaughter, Lylah, now raises funds for cancer care.

She recounted the story of someone she knew who sought treatment elsewhere only to be told there was no need to travel because the care in Lynchburg was just as good. 

“We’re really fortunate to have that in our community,” she said. “It’s great when that kind of care is available close to where you live.”

Pearson Cancer CenterDonors have helped make that kind of care a reality for Bonnie and anyone in our communities. A regional cancer center is one of many ways charitable generosity has helped transform care for central Virginia over the past 30 years. 

It all adds up to hope and healing for local families and individuals.

"The Foundation regularly accepts gifts and letters from grateful patients and family members of patients who received excellent care," said Beth Doyle, executive vice president of the Centra Foundation. "With each letter and word of appreciation, the impact on our neighbors is obvious. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we are grateful to each person who has made a gift and volunteered their time to make an impact.”


Your impact

"The generosity of so many donors from our region, over the years, has helped make it possible for the Centra Foundation to provide medical screenings, health education programs, nursing scholarships and excellent patient care for diverse populations. Support for capital campaign projects has enabled Centra to offer state-of-the-art technology and medical facilities to assure excellent patient care while helping attract highly qualified healthcare professionals to central Virginia. I’m proud of what we accomplished together.” 

Kathryn Pumphrey, Ed.D., CFRE, Former Centra Foundation Executive Vice President

“Over the years, donors to the Centra Foundation have consistently helped to ensure that when we are at our most vulnerable, the healthcare safety net is alive and well.”

Augustus Petticolas Jr., DDS, Healthcare Professional 


“I still remember the critical resources donors provided during the pandemic. They made a difference for so many patients, families and Caregivers. Donors responded to our greatest needs.”

Winifred Agard, MD, Emergency Department


"The support of donors has helped us create an all-around better experience and provide better care for patients of all ages.”

Kim Price, DNP, RN, RNC-NA, Vice President of Patient Experience and Women and Children’s Services 


“Pearson Cancer Center and the team rose to the occasion. I am a survivor because of it.” 

Caryn Brown, Cancer Survivor and Caregiver 


“The generosity of donors has helped to make central Virginia a better place to live. As a recent patient, I am glad we have such good care for people in our region.”

Jimmy Davidson, Founding Board Chair and Grateful Patient

"I have a large family with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many of whom were born at VBH. We’re fortunate to have a healthcare system that strives to provide excellent care for everyone."  

Rodger Fauber, Doting Father and Grandfather 


“I believe in miracles. I see one every day in Madison. The care she has received at Centra has really helped her get to where she is today.”

Amber Rogers, Proud Mom


Scarlett Rowland and Neo One

Your support has touched patients’ lives in endless ways and impacted every aspect of care. A few ways you have supported patients and excellent care close to home:

  • Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center
  • Bereavement support
  • Centra College nursing scholarships
  • Community Doula training
  • Continuing education for Caregivers
  • East Tower at LGH
  • Emergency assistance for Caregivers
  • Financial assistance for bills
  • Free health screenings and services
  • Healing programs
  • Health navigators 
  • Mobile mammography van
  • NEO ONE neonatal ambulance 
  • Neonatal equipment
  • Nursing development
  • Pandemic response efforts
  • Pediatric Specialty Center
  • Public health campaigns
  • Rosemary & George Dawson Inn
  • Support for the Community Access Network
  • Support for hospice care
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Stroobants Cardiology Pavilion 
  • Transportation to treatment
  • Transport team flight suits and helmets 


Dawson Inn









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