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Foundation story

Giving back to help patients have the best care possible

Published on Thursday October 12, 2023
Robin and Jim Warner

For Robin and Jim Warner, giving through the Centra Foundation is another way to help patients and give back to the community. 

Robin and Jim Warner are passionate about helping patients and want people in our central Virginia communities to have the best healthcare possible.

From volunteering at Centra (Robin) to serving as executive chair of the Centra Heart & Vascular Institute (Jim) to providing canine comfort to patients and Caregivers (family dog Luffy, a sweet standard poodle who is a therapy dog for cancer and hospice patients), the Warners have oriented their lives around healthcare and service.

Therapy dog Luffy Warner at Centra Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center

Giving through the Centra Foundation is another way they choose to care for patients and their community.

“We have both been involved in healthcare for many years and have witnessed how healthcare benefits the community,” Jim said. “Giving through the Centra Foundation is our way of giving back to the community and our patients.”

They are both in unique positions to see how generosity helps people who depend on our not-for-profit healthcare system.

“Robin has witnessed firsthand how patients at Pearson Cancer Center benefit from contributions,” Jim said. “The entire environment has become more comfortable.”

Jim also sees the impact for heart and vascular patients. A recent example: Thanks to two new state-of-the-art cardiac ultrasound machines made possible by a grant the Centra Foundation received, “people in our region have access to more timely cardiac imaging,” he said.

The couple – and Luffy, too – also recently attended the opening of the new emPATH unit at Lynchburg General that the Centra Foundation is funding through donations from the community.

They were drawn to Lynchburg a little over a decade ago because of Jim’s career and “the world-class cardiology care in Lynchburg” that donors helped to provide.

Knowing the impact that it can have on local families and patients, they plan to continue to be a part of helping advance care for the region. In addition to annual giving, they also make special contributions to the Greatest Need Fund and to support pediatric care, cancer care and heart and vascular care. Robin recently co-chaired the Centra Celebration, which raises needed funds.

“Excellent healthcare is vital to all of us,” Jim said. “Giving through the Centra Foundation will ensure that we all have access to some of the best care in the country.”

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