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Press release

Centra's Outdoor Sanctuary at Lynchburg General Hospital Tackles Healthcare Burnout Head-On

Published on Thursday October 26, 2023

A study published by the Journal of General Internal Medicine earlier this year has unveiled a concerning truth: the healthcare industry is grappling with an average burnout rate of 49.9%. This statistic underscores the need for innovative strategies to combat this pervasive issue. Centra is working to address this need through initiatives that empower healthcare professionals and prioritize their well-being. 

Seeking to take a multifaceted approach to this work, teams at Centra have recognized that providing Caregivers with a sense of control over their workplace environment is an essential element in the battle against burnout. 

One avenue through which this control is being offered is the creation of purposefully designed spaces that provide much-needed respite. Centra has taken a proactive step in this direction, and on October 9 celebrated the grand opening of a refreshed space at Lynchburg General Hospital (LGH) named, “the Oasis.” 

The newly unveiled outdoor sanctuary will provide Caregivers with a comfortable haven to enjoy their meals, soak in the revitalizing sunshine or simply take a well-deserved breather. In a profession where the weight of responsibility can be overwhelming, this new retreat will serve as a tangible reminder to our teams of our strategic theme of “People First,”–that we are striving to create an environment where every Caregiver is valued, connected to purpose and finds joy in their work.