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Press release

Centra Welcomes First Baby of the New Year

Published on Tuesday January 2, 2024

2024 is off to a miraculous start! Jade Unroe welcomed a baby girl, at 12:39am on January 1, 2024, making her Lynchburg’s newest citizen of the New Year. Baby girl weighed 8 lbs 0oz and was 20 inches long. Mother Jade was overdue by a few days but was still surprised when the timing of her labor placed her at Virginia Baptist’s Labor and Delivery unit on New Year’s Eve, just minutes before the new year began. 

“I started having pain but thought it could be a kidney stone,” states Jade. I’ve had kidney stones before, and it felt similar, but then I also thought it could be labor. Within minutes of arriving at the hospital, I could hear everyone shouting, ‘Happy New Year!’ Soon after that, I was taken to the emergency room for a C-section, and she was here, but I still didn’t think I’d have the first baby of the new year! I definitely didn’t expect her on New Year’s Day.” 

Jade considered all of this when choosing a name for her new baby girl. “Her siblings and family have had many ideas for names: Harper, Ella, Blessing, but I think I will name her Miracle Rose because of the miracle of being the New Year’s Baby.” 

As the first baby of the New Year, generous donations are gifted by local patrons. Centra would like to thank all who participated in welcoming Miss Miracle to our community! With her sweet disposition, head full of hair, and petite features, Miracle Rose stayed asleep despite all of the attention! Welcome to our community, baby girl; we are so glad you are here!