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Press release

Centra Awarded Grant for Expansion of Healthcare Career Camps

Published on Thursday January 18, 2024

Centra was recently awarded a $20,000 grant from the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation that will be used to bolster the expansion of healthcare career camps in the Farmville area. 

Currently, Centra offers healthcare career summer camps for both middle school and high school students in Lynchburg, but up until now, only a middle school camp has been offered in Farmville. With the grant from the Claude Moore Foundation, Centra plans to introduce an engaging and hands-on high school camp for the Southside Community. This exciting development opens new avenues for students interested in pursuing healthcare careers long term in order to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in the industry. 

These comprehensive camps provide students with the unique opportunity to explore various healthcare pathways, including nursing, medical transportation, physical therapy and more. Participants will not only gain valuable insights into these fields but also receive hands-on experience through training in first aid and bystander CPR. 

The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation’s grant program strives to exist in all regions and public-school systems within the commonwealth of Virginia with the goal of encouraging K-12 students to pursue healthcare careers–an industry where there is an identified workforce shortage. The foundation also seeks to serve as a facilitator of healthcare workforce conversations and a source for identifying the necessary resources to implement healthcare workforce educational programs for students. 

Centra is committed to utilizing this grant to create a lasting impact on the lives of students in the Farmville area by offering them a gateway to a fulfilling and impactful career in the healthcare sector.