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Foundation story

Giving the gifts of hope and healing

Published on Friday March 15, 2024

Meet a few donors and families who made a gift to the Greatest Need Fund last year and learn more about why they give through the Centra Foundation. 

The Reitz family was inspired to support the innovative emPATH unit. Marge Dillard enjoys tending to her community's health. Robin and Jim Warner give through the Foundation to help patients and give back. Julie Flores believes in making a difference and investing in the wellness of her community. "It gives me great joy," she said. 

To help Centra respond to one of the top health concerns affecting our communities and provide innovative care

When Susan Reitz made a gift earlier in the year, she had no idea her family would use an innovative new service made possible by unrestricted gifts such as hers to the Greatest Need Fund. 

"I get the newsletter and I had read about emPATH," she said. "I thought what a great resource. It sounded like a really good thing."  Their story

To tend to local health 

Marge Dillard tends to her beloved community much the way she tends to her flourishing home garden, which is to say with enthusiasm and a keen eye for how to make it healthy and vibrant. 

"Good healthcare is something we all need," she said. "I love the people here and I love the community, so I try to help and give something back. It's important for our community and everyone in it."  Marge's story

To help patients, give back to their community and support excellent local healthcare

Giving through the Centra Foundation is another way Robin and Jim Warner care for patients. 

"We have both been involved in healthcare for many years and have witnessed how healthcare benefits the community," said Jim, executive chair, Centra Heart & Vascular Institute. "Giving through the Centra Foundation is our way of giving back to the community and our patients. Excellent healthcare is vital to all of us."  Their story

To make a difference, care for her community and help Caregivers who are facing an acute, unexpected need

Centra Southside Community Hospital Chaplain Julie Flores has something of a personal motto: "Seek ways that you can make a difference and leave the world a better place." 

"When I give through the Foundation, I know that it is an investment in the wellness of my community," she said. "I am helping patients, helping my fellow Caregivers who experience times of acute, unexpected need, and ensuring that our community has outstanding care. It gives me great joy."  Julie's story