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Press release

Centra Elevates Surgical Program at Southside Community Hospital with New Robotic System

Published on Tuesday April 16, 2024

Centra recently expanded its surgical program at Centra Southside Community Hospital (SCH) with the addition of a new state-of-the-art da Vinci Xi robotic system.

The newly integrated da Vinci XI robotic systems at SCH will allow surgeons to perform a diverse range of minimally invasive procedures. Benefits for patients include smaller incisions, less pain, faster recovery times and fewer complications.

Although the surgical system uses advanced robotic, computer and optical technology, a surgeon remains in full control of its movements. With the addition of the da Vinci Xi at SCH, Centra now has 4 robots available for use when performing surgeries. 

Use of the da Vinci Xi is viewed as the next wave in modern surgery as it often enables surgeons to perform surgeries that would have typically been open (maximally invasive) surgeries using a minimally invasive approach instead. 

Previously, Centra operated three da Vinci XI surgical systems in Lynchburg. With the recent addition at Centra Southside Community Hospital, this advanced technology is now readily accessible to residents in the broader Southside area.

Thomas Angelo, President of Centra Southside Community Hospital, emphasized the transformative impact of this technology on community well-being. "People in our communities deserve to recover swiftly," Angelo stated. "This technology not only leads to enhanced outcomes for patients but also contributes to the attraction and retention of highly skilled surgeons. We are privileged to offer this service to the residents of our region, reinforcing our commitment to advancing health and healing close to home.”