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Centra is now masking optional for Caregivers and visitors, with a few exceptions. For more details, please read our press release.


Mental Health Referrals

Centra Mental Health Services offers a full continuum of care for a range of psychiatric illnesses.
Centra's referral program can get you the help that you need.

We encourage you to learn about Centra's levels of care and hope that you find the listings below useful in helping you to find the appropriate referral contact and any forms that you may need during the referral process. Thank you for referring to Centra Mental Health.

Adult Services - 18 years+

Program Summary Type Location(s) Referral
Outpatient  Psychiatric evaluation
and treatment
Outpatient CMG Piedmont Psychiatric Center
434.200.5999 (appointments)
Acute Psychiatric  Intensive psychiatric care that   typically occurs on
 an emergency basis
Inpatient Virginia Baptist Hospital 434.200.4444 
24 hrs/day 7days/week
Addiction & Recovery  Multi-level addictions treatment   programs
  • Outpatient OBOT & MAT
  • Medical Stabilization
  • Residential Services
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • CMG Addiction Treatment Center
  • Virginia Baptist Hospital
  • Pathways Residential Treatment Center

Child & Adolescent Services

Program Summary Age Location Referral
Outpatient  Outpatient 3-18 CMG Piedmont Psychiatric Center 434.200.5999 (appointments)
Acute  Inpatient 5-18 Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Unit 434.200.4444
Bridges Residential Services  Residential & School 6-17 Bridges Residential Center 434.200.5700

Autism and Developmental Diagnosis & Ongoing Care

 Diagnosis &Treatment   Centra Autism & Developmental Pediatrics Center 434.200.5750
Developmental Pediatrics  Diagnosis & Ongoing Care 0+ Centra Autism & Developmental Pediatrics Center 434.200.5750
Autism In-Home Services  In-Home up to age 21   434.200.5750