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Our approach to care

Centra Employee Care is your resource for employee related health services, including pre-employment physicals, return to work for leaves of absence, vaccines, work injuries, and evaluation and follow-ups for exposures to blood and body fluids. Our goal is to ensure every employee is free of communicable disease and thus protect our patients, visitors, and each other, and to enhance the healthcare of employees through convenient access and excellent services. 

Centra Employee Care functions in compliance with regulations established by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Joint Commission Accredited Healthcare Organizations (TJC).

Pre-Placement Screening (PPS)

Prior to your start date you must complete a mandatory Pre-Placement Screening (PPS) with Employee Care Services. The PPS helps ensure that employees can perform their jobs and provide the care and services our patients need. The PPS is confidential. Employee Care will not share specific information with Human Resources or your manager.

What’s involved in a PPS?

A drug screening to comply with Centra’s drug-free workplace policy and all required lab work needed for employment. A QuantiFERON Gold TB blood test and/or chest x-ray. Employee Care staff will let you know if a chest x-ray is required.

Fit testing for a respirator mask for those who might care for a patient with airborne communicable diseases. (All men must be clean shaven for this test). A thorough discussion of the physical requirements and job functions of the job you have been offered and a determination of your ability to perform those functions.

A thorough analysis of your immunization status and the need for booster shots or titers to be completed. Review of the online PPS  form that you will complete prior to your in-person appointment/or phone screen appointment (the link for this will be emailed to you by Employee Care prior to your appointment). Your photo badge picture will be taken the day of your PPS and issued on orientation day.

When is My Appointment, and where do I go?

  • Employee Care will reach out to you by email initially to schedule your pre-placement visit.
  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment; this allows for delays in parking, traffic, etc.
  • If you are running late or need to reschedule your appointment, please call Employee Care, and we will make every effort to assist you.
  • Lab work and drug testing will be performed separately and may require going to another facility to complete. 
  • There will be a $25 dollar no show fee charged to your department for missed appointments, appointments cancelled due to arrival later than 25 minutes after appointment time, and appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advanced. 

What do I bring?

When you visit Employee Care, please bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • A valid, unexpired driver’s license or other federal or state-issued picture identification.
  • Your immunization records including MMR vaccine history, Tetanus status, Hepatitis B vaccine history and Varicella vaccine history, and most recent Flu vaccine.

You may request approval for religious/medical/remote exemption for Flu vaccine. All exemptions must be approved prior to starting. Exemption forms may be obtained from HR or Employee Care.

  • Titers indicating immunity are acceptable. 
  • A list of all medications you have taken in the last 30 days. (These will need to be listed on the online PPS  form when completed)
  • A parent and/or guardian if you are under the age of 18.

If a Job Function Test (JFT) is needed as part of your job requirements:    

This will be performed at the HealthWorks gym by the Rehab team. This appointment is scheduled by the Employee Care office following your PPS appointment. You will need to wear tennis shoes and loose-fitting clothing. This test involves an evaluation of your physical ability to perform the duties required for your job/role. During this test you may be required to use a treadmill, lift light weights, go up and down stairs, and perform movements that mimic job functions required for your role, among other activities. This test will last 50 minutes to 1 hour so plan accordingly. Failure to come dressed appropriately will result in rescheduling of the JFT appointment.

Lab work/Drug Screens for New Hires: 

All required lab work and drug screens will need to be performed prior to your start date. If you are local, all lab work and drug screens will be performed at the HealthWorks location following your pre-placement screening appointment.

125 Nationwide Drive, 2nd floor
Lynchburg, VA 24502

This will require you to drive to HealthWorks from the location of your PPS appointment. This will be scheduled for you by the Employee Care office to be performed on the same day as your PPS appointment. Please plan additional time the day of your appointment to have this lab work and drug screen completed. This is a mandatory requirement for employment. 

If you are remote, or not local to the area this lab work and drug screen will be scheduled by the Employee Care office during your PPS at a Lab Corp location that is closest to you. If your PPS is at Farmville, the Employee Care nurse will perform your lab work and drug screen on site during your appointment. 

Important note about your Employee Care visit:

For safety and compliance reasons, our Employee Care offices are designed to provide services and care to our employees only, including new hires. For their safety and comfort, please do not bring children of any age to your Employee Care appointment. We are unable to provide childcare during your visit and will reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time you are unaccompanied by children.

HealthWorks locations

Employee Care has locations at each of our main hospitals as well as at our HealthWorks Clinic on Nationwide Drive. Centra Lynchburg General Hospital (LGH), Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital (VBH), Centra Southside Community Hospital (CSCH), and Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital.
Photo of HealthWorks Nationwide

HealthWorks Nationwide

125 Nationwide Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502
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Photo of Employee Care VBH

Employee Care VBH

3300 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24503
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Photo of Employee Care LGH

Employee Care LGH

1901 Tate Springs Road
Lynchburg, VA 24501
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