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Centra Cares: Bridge Clinic

Published on Tuesday May 14, 2024

Making care accessible, Farmville Bridge Clinic

As we celebrate Mental Health Month, we’re highlighting some of the efforts being made across our system to provide healing and hope for those with psychiatric and behavioral health needs. One of these efforts is the Farmville Bridge Clinic. 

The Farmville Bridge Clinic is an extension of the CMG Addiction Treatment Center in Lynchburg. The name "bridge" embodies its purpose—to serve as a crucial link between the emergency department and patients seeking treatment for substance misuse. Patients start their journey here, receiving the support and resources they need before transitioning to further treatment.

The clinic, which is located at 935 S. Main Street in Farmville, is open to any individual seeking treatment for substance misuse. Centra worked to open the clinic after it was identified as a top need in the Farmville Community Health Needs Assessment in 2021. 

While the services offered aren’t revenue generating, Centra recognized that it was more important to eliminate barriers for patients seeking care. By providing an accessible, local clinic, patients aren’t faced with the challenges of transportation or finding extended time when seeking the care they need. 

Looking ahead, the Farmville Bridge Clinic seeks to forge meaningful partnerships with local law enforcement and the Department of Social Services. Together, we will aspire to provide comprehensive support to families grappling with substance misuse, mitigating its impact on individuals and our communities.