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Mission Moment, Amy Rugh, MEd, LPC

Published on Friday September 8, 2023
Photo of Amy Rugh LPC

In honor of National Recovery Month, we asked Amy Rugh, MEd, LPC to explain how she carries out Centra’s mission through her role as the Clinical Coordinator at Pathways Treatment Center. Pathways offers empathetic, evidence-driven support for individuals dealing with substance use disorders and associated issues.

Dealing with addiction is one way to significantly impact Centra’s mission of improving the health and quality of life for the communities we serve in various ways. Addiction and substance misuse can have far-reaching consequences that affect individuals, families, and communities as a whole. Addiction often leads to serious physical and mental health challenges which places an additional burden on healthcare systems and resources, diverting attention and resources away from other health improvement initiatives.

"I get to serve our community as the Counseling Coordinator at Pathways Treatment Center." 

In this role, I have worked to develop and deliver evidenced-based, person-center care models for counseling and addiction treatment. My work also includes spearheading and implementing mental healthcare and substance misuse treatment to the previously underserved pregnant and postpartum population. Innovating care throughout the community is one of my passions! As a leader at Pathways, I also have the privilege of working to create seamless flow through the various levels of addiction treatment to ensure patients always receive the most appropriate and effective treatment possible.

In addition to the work I described above, I believe one of the main ways I fulfill Centra’s mission of, “improving the health and quality of life for the communities we serve,” is through prioritizing internal referrals to ensure patients are able to access the services they need without undue delays. Additionally, the Pathways Team carries out our mission by going out into the community to the places where there is significant need and sharing resources of how to access the wrap around care provided through our addiction services.