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Payments and Refunds

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Payment information

Whether paying a balance in full or the next installment in a payment plan, students can view their current account balance and make secure, online payments under "My Ledger" in the Student Portal. Other acceptable forms of payment include in person debit or credit card payments, checks, and money orders. Cash is not considered an acceptable form of payment and will not be accepted.  

Refund information

A credit balance on a student's account can result for a variety of reasons, including balance overpayments, financial aid disbursements, and course withdrawals. All credit balances will be refunded, unless otherwise requested by the student. For credit balances due to federal aid disbursements, all credit balance refunds will be available for pick up in the form of a paper check within 14 days of the date of disbursement, unless otherwise requested. A credit balance resulting from an overpayment will be returned to the card used for payment. All other refunds will be issued as they occur on a case by case basis. The Student Accounts Office will notify the student when a credit balance is available for pick up, has been mailed, or has been returned electronically.

Making financial arrangements 

Students must make adequate financial arrangements each semester prior to the established deadline to avoid a $50 late fee, dropped courses, and restricted access. Adequate financial arrangements include:  

  • Having sufficient financial aid on the account to cover the remaining balance
  • Paying the balance in full prior to the deadline, or
  • Submitting a payment plan application prior to the deadline

If your financial aid is not accepted and showing toward your balance, is not sufficient to cover the full balance, or if you plan on paying out of pocket for all or a portion of your balance, you must either apply for a payment plan or pay your balance in full by the payment arrangement deadline prior to the start of each semester. Payments can be made through the Student Portal under “My Ledger.”  

Payment plans 

The purpose of the Centra College Payment Plan is to assist students in paying their tuition and fees over an extended period of time with flexible payment options. Students can choose up to a 4-month payment plan with subsequent payments on either the 1st or 15th of the month after the initial payment. 

If a student chooses to apply for a payment plan and is approved, a $25 payment plan fee will be applied to the student’s account for the semester and a Payment Plan Agreement (PPA) will be sent to the student with details regarding the conditions and payment amounts. The student will then be responsible to sign and submit the PPA along with the initial payment. All payments can be made through the Student Portal under “My Ledger.”

Apply for a payment plan

Tuition refunds

A tuition refund may occur when a charge is reversed or reduced on a student account due to course withdrawals or other circumstances. However, the tuition refund may or may not result in a credit balance refund, depending on other factors, such as financial aid eligibility or payment plan participation. Any credit resulting from a tuition refund will first be applied to any balance owed to the College. Students are encouraged to view the Withdraw Policy and Tuition Refund Policy found in the Centra College Student Catalog and Handbook and to view the applicable Academic Calendar for a schedule of the last day to withdraw to receive a course tuition refund credit.

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Contact the Student Accounts Office

The Student Accounts Office is here to serve you. Please reach out to us by email or phone with any questions or to setup an individual appointment. 


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