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Tax Information

Colleges and universities are required under Internal Revenue Code Section 6050S to issue the Form 1098-T for the purpose of determining a taxpayer's eligibility for various tax credits and/or deductions. The 1098-T Form provides the total dollar amount paid by a student in a calendar year towards qualified tuition and related expenses (or "QTRE"). 1098-T forms are required to be made available by January 31st after the applicable tax year. The 1098-T form is informational only and should not be considered as tax advice. The 1098-T helps to determine if the tax payer is eligible for federal income tax education credits such as the Lifetime Learning Credit and the American Opportunity Credit as part of their Federal Income Tax Return.

Current and former students can access their 1098-T form online through the Student Portal as soon as it becomes available each year. 

View instructions for accessing the 1098-T Form online

1098-T FAQ

When will 1098-T Forms be available? 

A: All 1098-T forms are required to be made available by January 31st after the applicable tax year. 

How can I access my 1098-T form online?  

A: An electronic 1098-T Form is viewable through Student Portal for students that have a Centra College Electronic Consent Form on file. Follow the instructions below to access the 1098-T Form online. 

View instructions for accessing the 1098-T Form online 

What if I need my 1098-T Form mailed? 

A: Current and former students who do not have an Electronic Consent Form on file will receive a paper copy of the 1098-T mailed to the current address on file. Current and former students are encouraged to keep their address up to date and to contact the Registrar with any updates. Address update requests should be received no later than December 1st of the tax year in order to be accurately reflected on the 1098-T and mailed to the correct address. Students who do not have an Electronic Consent Form on file and did not receive their 1098-T by mail after January 31st can request a new copy of the 1098-T form to be mailed by contacting

Why don’t the numbers on Form 1098-T equal the amounts I paid to Centra College during the year? 

A: There are potentially many reasons for this discrepancy. First, the amount in Box 1 only represents amounts paid for qualified tuition and related expenses (GTRE) and does not include payments for other fees which are not considered as qualified education expenses for tax purposes. Secondly, Form 1098-T reports amounts that the student paid in a certain year, and the pay date does not necessarily correspond to the dates that the classes were registered.  The best and most accurate source of information about the amounts that you paid for qualified tuition and related expenses will be in Student Portal.  

Why didn’t Centra College provide me with a Form 1098-T? 

A: Centra College is not required, by the IRS, to furnish a Form 1098-T in the following instances: 

  • Payments for courses for which no academic credit is offered, even if the student is otherwise enrolled in a degree program. 
  • Enrolled student is a nonresidential alien, unless requested by the student. 
  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with grants/scholarships.
  • Student for whom you do not maintain a separate financial account and whose qualified tuition and related expenses are covered by a formal billing arrangement between an institution and the student’s employer or governmental entity, such as the Department of Veteran Affairs or the Department of Defense. 

Where can I get a listing of payments made to Centra College? 

A: You can view your qualified fees assessed and payments applied to those fees in the Student Portal. Requests for printed bill statements can be made to the Student Accounts Office at  

Since I received a Form 1098-T from Centra College, am I qualified for one of the education tax credits? 

A: The taxpayer is responsible for determining eligibility. If you have questions about eligibility please check the IRS website, contact the IRS or contact a tax advisor. 

I did not receive a Form 1098-T because my school is not required to provide a Form 1098-T to me. Can I still claim an education credit for current tax year? 

A: You may still be able to claim a credit, but it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to determine the eligible tax credit. If you have questions about eligibility please check the IRS website, contact the IRS, or contact a tax advisor. 

What are qualified and non-qualified expenses? 

A: As determined by the federal government, qualified expenses are defined as expenses required by and paid to the institution for enrollment purposes. They include fees for tuition, facilities, technology, mandatory fees, and a portion of the course and services fees. Nonqualified expenses are defined as room and board, student activities, parking, athletics, insurance, equipment, or other similar personal living expenses. As a result, the amount of qualified expenses could be less than the total amount of money paid. 

Why is there is an amount in Box 1 and why is Box 2 blank? 

A: Due to a change to institutional reporting requirements under federal law, beginning with tax year 2018, the College began reporting in Box 1 the amount of payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses paid during the calendar (tax) year. 

How do I update my address on the Form 1098-T? 

A: Address changes can be made by submitting a request to the Student Accounts Office. Please ensure that your address is updated using a preferred address by December 31st of the current tax (calendar) year. 

I cannot get access to my Form 1098-T because I have graduated or am no longer a student and have forgotten my access information. 

A: Please contact for assistance with accessing Student Portal. 

I have a question about my Form 1098-T. Who can I call for help? 

A: If you have questions about your Form 1098-T, please contact the Student Accounts Office at or 434.200.3071.

Centra College is not allowed to provide students with tax advice. Check the IRS website, contact the IRS, or contact a tax advisor for questions on what you may be eligible to claim.