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Centra Health is so much more than your local health system. This is a system of Caregivers from the communities we serve; health-system experts who have wisdom and knowledge to speak into the issues that are impacting the health of our family and neighbors.

Our approach

The mission of this podcast is to tell the 'so much more' surrounding Centra Health. This includes the stories of patients and Caregivers, introductions of life-changing treatments and procedures, conversations with our community partners from across the health system and important details about health issues and events that impact us all. 


Most recent episode

Strength in community, Ronald Tomlin's story & so much more

Ronald TomlinThrough three reoccurrences of cancer, multiple rounds of treatment and the heartbreaking loss of his wife, Ronald's story is a testament to personal perseverance and the power of a community of Caregivers standing behind you. 

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Past episodes

The preventable cancer & so much more

Meet Dr. Bikram Bal, Chief Medical Officer for Centra Medical Group and gastroenterologist, practicing at Centra for the past 12 years. He joins us to educate, bring awareness to, and share preventative options for colon cancer for Colorectal Cancer Awareness month.

Care of four generations, with Cynthia Ingram

Dear... I am writing to you today in regard to Tracy Garrett, NP-C currently practicing at Centra Medical in Gretna, VA. She has been my PCP since beginning her practice in Gretna. As time has passed, she has become the PCP for my husband, my mother, and my son as well. Her knowledge, dedication, professionalism, and commitment to excellence of care for our family is unmatched..."

What do you really know about sexual assault and human trafficking?

Education is power, and in the fight for awareness and prevention of sexual assault and human trafficking, it is the front line of defense.

Autism Spectrum Disorder, looking deeper & so much more

We sit down with Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Emily Bradshaw to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically in young girls and women in this episode of & so much more.

"They saved my life," Lauraine Stegall's heart story & so much more

Join us as we sit down with Loraine Stegall, an emergency room nurse at Centra Lynchburg General Hospital, who unexpectedly suffered a heart attack last year. Despite being active and having no family history of heart issues, Loraine's story sheds light on the importance of taking chest pain seriously and how the symptoms of a heart attack that women experience can be unique. Tune in to hear her journey from disbelief to recovery, and the vital lessons she learned along the way!

Know, prevent and fight cancer & so much more

From the significance of early screenings for breast cancer to demystifying fears around screening for colon cancer, Dr. O’Neill explains how cancer prevention begins with simple steps anyone can take!

CHNA, Meeting the needs of our communities & so much more

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), also known as the Community Health Survey, is a survey that helps Centra understand what the health needs of the communities it serves are. This ten-minute survey has tremendous impact because it raises the voices of the individuals who call Lynchburg, Farmville and Bedford home and can speak directly to their own healthcare needs.

What to know about RSV

Join us for a compelling discussion on the latest episode of "& So Much More," as we delve into all things RSV with Dr. Travis Engel. RSV, short for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is a common and potentially dangerous virus that affects infants and children.

Mammography doesn't have to be confusing

Women often prioritize the well-being of those they care for, putting themselves second and subsequently not seeking preventative care. Cami and Dr. Graham also delve into the symptoms that should immediately prompt women to seek medical care, such as experiencing pain in the breast or noticing something unusual.

My physician listened

Plagued by a myriad of health challenges, including intense back pain, high blood pressure, and diabetes, Tina Tucker had grown frustrated with the providers who made her feel like just another statistic by not taking the time to listen to her concerns. But her journey took a remarkable turn when she began receiving care at Centra and had her first appointment with Dr. Hugh Gill at the CMG Neurosurgery Center.

Explore a career in healthcare, Talent acquisition

Join Lauren Campbell, a Talent Acquisition Consultant with 16 years of experience at Centra, and Cami Smith as they delve into what sets Centra apart from other healthcare organizations. Together, they discuss why Centra's unique culture instantly makes you feel like you're part of a family and explore the array of competitive benefits that make our organization an ideal destination for launching or advancing your healthcare career.

Your personal care team at Centra

In a world where healthcare can often feel impersonal and fragmented, this episode of & So Much More paints a vivid picture of how Centra is reshaping the narrative! Join Cami Smith and Dr. Giuliana Allega, a primary care provider and the Director of Ambulatory Care at Centra as they discuss what the care team approach is and why this model of care allows Centra to serve its patients better.

Workplace Violence in Healthcare

One in every four nurses reports experiencing an assault while performing their job and it is likely that 20-60% of victims are under-reporting. This disconcerting reality directly affects Care Team’s ability to provide fully-focused, patient-centered care.

What are Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)

In this episode of “& so much more,” our host Cami Smith sits down with Morgan McDowell, the Director of APP (Advanced Practice Provider) Education and a nurse practitioner at Centra Health to answer these questions and more.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Centra recently launched a series of summer listening sessions with our DE&I Consultant, Tanya Blackmon. Join Cami, Tanya, and Kristin King, Centra’s VP of HR Talent, as they dive into an inspiring dialogue on fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Centra.

The DO Difference

They all wear white coats, but the letters that come after their names are different! Have you ever wondered about the different types of doctors who take care of you when you're in the hospital? 🤔🚑

Centra's Modernization Plan with CEO, Amy Carrier | & so much more

In this episode of and so much more, join president, and CEO, Amy Carrier as she takes you behind the scenes of Centra’s transformative projects.

Brook Hill Farm | & so much more

On this episode of “& so much more,” we spent time on-site with one of our community partners, Brook Hill Farm. As a therapeutic riding and horse rehabilitation facility, Brook Hill touches the lives of both young individuals and horses, leaving a lasting impact on their well-being.

A legacy of giving | & so much more

Join us for a story of generosity and hope as Cami Smith sits down with retired neurosurgeon, Dr. George Hurt, Centra Vice President of the Virginia Henderson Institute for Clinical Excellence, Dena Todd and Executive Director of Lynchburg Beacon of Hope, Laura Hamilton, to discuss the substantial donations that Dr. Hurt and his wife, Cinda, recently made to Centra and Beacon of Hope.

Bystander crisis response | & so much more

In this episode of & so much more we shine a light on Centra's involvement in the nationwide initiative, Stop The Bleed. Join our guests, Dr. William Weber, a seasoned surgeon and Centra's Trauma Medical Director, alongside Sarah Beth Dinwiddie, the Trauma Program Director, as they unravel the intricacies of traumatic injuries and the criticality of being prepared to aid those in need.

Autism Acceptance | & so much more

In our most recent episode of “& so much more,” we speak with Weston Smith who was diagnosed at the age of 5 as having autism spectrum disorder. In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, we interview Weston and find out what it was like to be diagnosed, the difficulties he has overcome and his current progress.

Interfaith Outreach | & so much more

As an organization that serves populations in the city of Lynchburg, as well as Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell County, Interfaith Outreach continues to make an impact on the well-being of our community.

Lynchburg Grows | & so much more

Food serves as an equalizer because it applies to everyone, and is one of the first places to start one pursuing a healthy lifestyle. This is why Centra‘s partnership with Lynchburg Grows has been a tangible way for our healthcare system, to fill its vision — specifically, being able to advance the health and quality of life for the communities we serve.

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is an international organization that Centra partners with locally to equip young women in elementary through high school with confidence, kindness, and decision-making skills through running, team building and more.

Kayla’s story | & so much more

Listen in with Kayia and her oncologist, Dr. Cecilia MacCallum for a story that exemplifies unrelenting hope and a commitment to excellent care.

Meals on Wheels | & so much more

In this episode of & so much more, we speak with Meals on Wheels of the greater Lynchburg area as they share the important cause of the organization.

Bobby & Amanda’s bariatric journey| & so much more

When Bobby and Amanda chose a bariatric surgery at Centra in 2019, it was a decision they made for their whole family. They wanted to set a healthy example for their four boys, and live every moment to the fullest.

& so much more

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that there’s so much more to Centra than health, wellness & practical tips for everyday life. We want to bring the conversations behind the camera to the forefront, and share the stories of our caregivers, our community, our country, and our world from the voices of our health system’s experts.

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