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About Centra Foundation

Supporting excellent care close to home 

Our approach

The Centra Foundation is celebrating three decades of local impact. Established in 1993, our mission is to develop and direct resources for the support of Centra Health. A not-for-profit system, Centra provides care to over 500,000 people at over 50 locations annually. Through the generosity of donors, we have provided more than $100 million in support of Centra programs.

Meet the Centra Foundation staff

Call the Centra Foundation at 434.200.4791

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Beth Doyle, CFRE
Executive Vice President
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Andrea Byers
Development Program Manager Email Andrea

Heather Cassada
Development Program Manager 
Email Heather

Deborah Donnigan
Executive Assistant 
Email Deborah

Allison Kughn Ebert, CFRE
Director of Development
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Anne Hoge
Records Coordinator
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Tammy Tripp
Communications Officer
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Foundation Charlie White
Board Member Testimonial
“I am honored to serve because the Centra Foundation plays a critical role in helping ensure that quality healthcare is available to everyone in our communities, regardless of their economic circumstances.”
— Charles White, Co-owner and Chairman, Pettyjohn, Wood & White, Inc.

Centra Foundation Board Members

The Centra Foundation board members are exemplary leaders in the communities we serve. They are passionate about healthcare and generously serve to help the people in our communities who rely on our system. 
Photo of Carolyn W. Jacques, M.ED, RNC

Carolyn W. Jacques, M.ED, RNC

Chair of the Board
Photo of George A. Hurt, MD

George A. Hurt, MD

Vice Chair of the Board
Photo of Amy F. Carrier

Amy F. Carrier

President & CEO
Photo of Doug Davenport

Doug Davenport

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
Photo of Beth Doyle

Beth Doyle

Executive Vice President & Secretary
Photo of Winifred V. Agard, MD

Winifred V. Agard, MD

Board Member
Photo of Traci Blido

Traci Blido

Board Member
Photo of Robert R. (Bob) Chapman III

Robert R. (Bob) Chapman III

Board Member
Photo of Robert Cook, MD

Robert Cook, MD

Board Member
Photo of Thomas J. Delaney, MD

Thomas J. Delaney, MD

Board Member
Photo of MaryJane Dolan

MaryJane Dolan

Board Member
Photo of James (Jim) Dunstan Jr., MD

James (Jim) Dunstan Jr., MD

Board Member
Photo of H.C. (Cap) Eschenroeder Jr, MD

H.C. (Cap) Eschenroeder Jr, MD

Board Member
Photo of Jenna Lloyd Fisher

Jenna Lloyd Fisher

Board Member
Photo of Paul F. Fitzgerald, MD

Paul F. Fitzgerald, MD

Board Member
Photo of Janet G. Hickman, MD

Janet G. Hickman, MD

Board Member
Photo of Yuille (Skipper) Holt III

Yuille (Skipper) Holt III

Board Member
Photo of Cameron Patterson

Cameron Patterson

Board Member
Photo of Augustus A. Petticolas Jr., DDS

Augustus A. Petticolas Jr., DDS

Board Member
Photo of John (Jack) Sorrells III

John (Jack) Sorrells III

Board Member
Photo of Pavan Thallapragada

Pavan Thallapragada

Board Member
Photo of Charlie White

Charlie White

Board Member
Photo of Darryl Whitesell

Darryl Whitesell

Board Member
Photo of Sackett Wood

Sackett Wood

Board Member
Photo of George Zippel

George Zippel

Board Member