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Headache Center

The Headache Center will investigate the cause and provide individualized care to improve the quality of your life.
Woman with a migraine holding her head in her hands

Our approach to care

Our goal is to help identify the source of your headaches and work on personalized treatment options that may include medications, nerve block injections, Botox injections and referral to physical therapy for headaches caused by neck problems and muscular disorders. Headaches can be caused by underlying medical conditions, but are also categorized based on pain points and origination.

Our team of board certified neurologists, specially-trained advanced practice providers and physical therapists collaborate to diagnose and provide personalized pain management for various headache types.

Our experts headache care have an emphasis in the following:

  • Cervicogenic (neck related) headaches originate in the neck and radiates to the back of the head before projecting to the forehead, eyes, temples or ears. Pain and tenderness can increase with neck movements.
  • Cluster headaches occur more often in men than women and are typically one-sided. Pain remains on the same side during a series, but can occur on the opposite side when a new series starts.
  • Migraine pain is typically felt around the eye or temple area, the face, sinus, jaw or neck area. It is common between the ages of 15 and 55 and many sufferers have a family history of migraines. 
  • Tension Headaches are the most common type of headaches. Pain is often on both sides of the head with a dull or squeezing pain, like there is a tight band around your head.  

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