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Visual elements

Centra Health

Creating a visual identity

We purpose to capture the life, heart and soul of the people we serve. Our photos, together with our Centra brand colors, make up the visual elements of our brand.

Color guidelines

Our color palette consists of calming natural greens that are punctuated by vibrant and energetic contrasting hues. Use the specified values to ensure color consistency across all branded materials.

Some colors are meant to be used more sparingly than others. Centra’s green, teal and charcoal swatches are to be used as accent colors to complement our blue and purple colors.

  • Color is most consistent with Pantone values. Coated (C) values are for glossy paper and uncoated (U) values for matte paper.
  • For general printing, use CMYK. This is often more economical than Pantone.
  • In digital contexts, such as websites or projections, use RGB and Hex values.
  • Note that each color swatch may appear differently on computers and other devices due to inconsistent color calibration and display settings. 

Brand colors

Brand colors

Brand colors

Centra Green
Pantone: 383C
CMYK: 20 01 100 18
RGB: 168 173 00
HEX: #A8AD00

Centra Teal
Pantone: 3145C
CMYK: 100 00 24 00
RGB: 0 119 139
HEX: #00778B

Centra Blue
Pantone: 7703C
CMYK: 79 02 10 11
RGB: 00 156 189
HEX: # 009CBD

Brand colors

Brand colors


Centra Charcoal
Pantone: 418C
CMYK: 8 26 40 72
RGB: 81 81 81
HEX: #515151

Centra Purple
Pantone: 2726C
CMYK: 81 70 00 00
RGB: 72 92 199
HEX: #485CC7


Brand photosBrand photosPhotography guidelines

Through strong imagery, we are able to showcase how Centra effects people and their communities.

  • Choose photos that look natural, timely and like they were shot in Central Virginia.
  • When selecting an image and headline, it is more impactful when they work together.
  • Use photos where subjects are in lively moments full of energy and conveying a positive emotional impact.
  • Stay away from forced or posed materials. Aim for expressions and actions.
  • Have the subject in focus with a blurred background.
  • Lighting appears natural, soft and crisp.
  • Avoid dark, heavily contrasted compositions. Aim for bright, vibrant imagery.
  • Ensure PPE use reflects Centra’s current masking policy.
  • Centra Caregivers, local scenery and landmarks, businesses and community members are always preferred over stock photography. We build connections when people and places are identifiable.
  • Diversity in subjects and places is best. Centra welcomes people from all beliefs and backgrounds.