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Centra branded t-shirts with the brand typography in focus

Text styles to support messaging

Centra uses text styles that promote a fresh, revitalized feeling in our messaging. It is our goal to create marketing materials easy to read in any setting, whether in print or digital means.

With these variables in mind, Centra primarily uses a sans-serif typeface in all major deliverables to maintain a clean appearance with a focus in legibility.

Typography guidelines

Fonts approved for use by Centra Marketing only




Alright Sans is Centra’s corporate typeface for headings and body copy.

Minion Pro is an alternative typeface used sparingly for decorative purposes on select projects.

Fonts approved for external representation



Arial and Garamond are secondary brand fonts. When working in Word, PowerPoint, Centra layouts and other cases when Alright Sans and Minion Pro are not available, only use Arial and Garamond (available for use within Microsoft applications).

Use for all registered typefaces at Centra, both primary and secondary:

  • Headers should always be the largest text in a composition and used in medium or bold font.
  • Body text should be set in regular font and be noticeably smaller than headers.