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LFMR Faculty and Residents

Residents watching the doctor take notes

Meet our team

With a team of family medicine physicians who serve as faculty, our residents have access to a breadth of experience and knowledge in the Lynchburg Family Medicine Residency Program. Our residents receive hands-on training in a community where Family Medicine is the second largest medical specialty.

Meet Our Faculty And Staff

Photo of Michael Cooper, MD

Michael Cooper, MD

Photo of William C. Crow, Jr., MD

William C. Crow, Jr., MD

No Photo of Provider

Virgil Das, MD

Photo of Courtney Dawson, MD

Courtney Dawson, MD

No Photo of Provider

Janice Deeds, PsyD, LPC

No Photo of Provider

Peter A. Gibbs, DO

Photo of Suzanne K. Krzyzanowski, MD

Suzanne K. Krzyzanowski, MD

Photo of Mikhail Levit, DO

Mikhail Levit, DO

Photo of Lauri Ann Maitland, DO, MPH

Lauri Ann Maitland, DO, MPH

Photo of Russell Melton, MD

Russell Melton, MD

Photo of Lori A. Nelson-Madison, MD

Lori A. Nelson-Madison, MD

Photo of Nicole R. Scanlon-Rowlett, MD

Nicole R. Scanlon-Rowlett, MD

Photo of Hailey Sparacino, DO

Hailey Sparacino, DO

No Photo of Provider

Ann C. Thomas, MD, FAAFP

Meet Our Residents

No Photo of Provider

Alyssa Jackson, DO

Photo of Alexandra Bachman, DO

Alexandra Bachman, DO

Photo of  Alixandra Battaglia, DO

Alixandra Battaglia, DO

Photo of KC Kelley, DO

KC Kelley, DO

Photo of Heidi Boden, MD, MPH

Heidi Boden, MD, MPH

Photo of Kudirat Olatunde Bukola, MD

Kudirat Olatunde Bukola, MD

Photo of  Colter Cashion, MD, MS

Colter Cashion, MD, MS

Photo of Winnie Keraga, MD

Winnie Keraga, MD

No Photo of Provider

Deepika Dhary, MD

No Photo of Provider

Cykeithia McPherson, MD

Photo of Scott Estep, MD

Scott Estep, MD

Photo of Mazher Mirza, MD

Mazher Mirza, MD

Photo of  Jongoh Lim, MD

Jongoh Lim, MD

Photo of Nicola Litchfield, DO

Nicola Litchfield, DO

Photo of Santosh Mathews, MD, MPH

Santosh Mathews, MD, MPH

Photo of Bennett Prillaman, DO

Bennett Prillaman, DO

No Photo of Provider

Heather Murray, MD

No Photo of Provider

Humaira Quedess, MD

No Photo of Provider

Neha Patel, MD

Photo of Emmanuel Isaac Rojas, MD

Emmanuel Isaac Rojas, MD

Photo of Helay Said-Miakhel, MD

Helay Said-Miakhel, MD

No Photo of Provider

Todd Shaffer, DO

Photo of Khurrum Shehzad, MBBS

Khurrum Shehzad, MBBS

Photo of Kahsu Tsehay, MD

Kahsu Tsehay, MD

No Photo of Provider

Ege Tufan, MD

Photo of George Sherman, DO

George Sherman, DO