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Nurse Residency Program

Your nursing career is just beginning. Now is the perfect time to join our nurse residency program!
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Our approach

Centra, a nationally recognized nursing education program, helps bridge the gap between student nurses and accomplished professionals. It’s a one-year, comprehensive transition-to-practice curriculum designed to give LPN and RN new graduates the tools to manage stress, hone your decision-making skills, enhance critical thinking on the job, facilitate patient safety and more. It’s a place where you can feel safe sharing your frustrations, fears, stressors and concerns.

Supportive, Structured Experience.

Residents learn the curriculum through structured education experiences, which take place using a variety of learning modalities.

Components include:

  • Classroom, simulation and online learning
  • Supportive component coaches
  • Debriefing sessions where you can meet with others in the cohort and discuss experiences in a confidential environment
  • Mentor meetings that provide a supportive structure to identify professional goals and development opportunities
Nurse Residency Graduation

Why should you consider our nurse residency program?

  • Make the transition from an advanced beginner nurse to a competent professional nurse in the clinical environment
  • Develop effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgment and performance
  • Provide key clinical nursing leadership at the point of care
  • Strengthen your commitment to nursing as a professional career choice
  • Incorporate research-based evidence linked to practice outcomes into the care you provide
  • Cultivate opportunities to continue your professional growth and development, such as becoming a preceptor, advancing on the clinical ladder and working toward certification

What's the program like?

Expand Your Learning.

The nurse residency program provides a comprehensive assessment, education and competency performance validation system that transitions newly graduated registered nurses to safe, competent and professional practitioners. This includes guided clinical experience with a preceptor; education and curriculum; a supportive component composed of formal mentoring and debriefing/self-care sessions; and a 360-degree evaluation and measurement process.


Imagine having the opportunity to ask questions, explore new things and discuss issues with others in a non-judgmental environment.